• Powerbanks to Charge your cellular phone on the run

    Charge your cellular phone on the run

  • Portable power for power hungry modern electronic devices

    Portable power for power hungry modern electronic devices

  • Powerbanks make stunning corporate gifts, add a logo onto them

    Powerbanks make stunning corporate gifts, add a logo onto them

  • Powerbanks, A gift your client will appreciate

    A gift your client will appreciate


Various branding oprions available

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Not all PowerBanks the same

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Charge electronic devices on the go

Modern smart phones are becoming increasingly power hungry. Battery technology has not kept up with these power demands. We have become used to having to plug our phones in to charge on a daily basis. Powerbanks have become incredibly popular to meet this power demand. Now you can top up your mobile phone or other electronic device batteries on the go. Whether you are in the bush without electricity or on the beach, you will never be without backup power. We can provide cables with various adapters allowing the power bank to be used on most modern phones including iPhone 5’s. Call our friendly staff to find out which cable adapters we can provide to suit your needs.

What devices can powerbanks charge?

We supply various cables with adapters to fit most new electronic gadgets. The devices that can be charged include Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone (All models), Nokia, HTC and many more. Most new phones have adopted the Micro USB data connector as standard.

4 in 1 Cable

Powerbanks 4 in 1 cable

10 in 1 Cable

Powerbanks 10 in 1 cable

Tablet batteries are too large to be fully charged by our promo version of the powerbank. When tested with iPad’s these powerbanks do however hold the power extending the tablet use for up to 2 hours. We are able to import larger capacity powerbanks capable of charging iPads. See below.



The branding we offer depends on the model. Models with plastic housings can be printed full colour. The powerbanks with aluminium housings can be laser engraved.

Our stock Powerbank features

  • Model dependant, we use quality Lithium Polymer or Lithium ion batteries
  • Battery power retention - 70% of capacity after 3 years.
  • Short circuit Protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over charging & over-discharge protection
  • Rated up to 500 discharge and recharge cycles
  • Cable adapters: iPhone Lightning, iPhone 32 pin, Micro USB, Mini USB

Powerbank housing colours

Depending on the model you require we are able to import power banks with different colour housings to suit your needs. Right now we keep white and silver in stock.

powerbank Colours


Power Bank specifications of models kept in stock:

  • Powerbank Battery: High quality cell type Li-Polymer or Lithium ion. .
  • Output capacity: 2200mAh
  • Input: DC 5.0V, 1000mA
  • USB Output: DC 5.0 V, 1000mA
  • Dimensions – this will vary depending on model we currently have in stock.

Larger capacity powerbanks (For iPads or Tablets)

NOTE ! Import only 100 unit minimum

To charge iPads or Tablets we suggest larger capacity powerbanks, these are usually 5000mAh or more. They have a 2A output port required to charge devices such as iPads with larger battery capacities.

Large capacity powerbanks

Another benefit of larger powerbanks is that they usually have 2 USB output ports so you can charge more than one device at a time. Once again, depending on the model they could have Led indicators which show remaining powerin the power bank.

Some model powerbanks include torches and built in radios.

powerbank Colours